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Woodstock child care advice: Teaching your preschool child about money

Posted on 08-05-2014


Today more than ever it is important that we understand how to manage money. Money is used to buy the things we need and want, provide our loved ones with their needs and desires, and it allows us to enjoy a better standard of living. Knowing how to handle money properly is a life skill that your child should learn as early as possible.

Preschoolers are learning about financial concepts by watching and listening to parents, teachers, and other caregivers, and then acting out what they see in pretend play. For this reason, it is important that you take your child through simple financial processes as you manage them day to day, whether you are drawing money from an ATM, paying for a toy or groceries, or doing your home budget. While many of these concepts are beyond a preschooler’s ability, introducing them to the process early can help them learn to use money responsibly.

Furthermore, you can also use these opportunities to teach simple math and reasoning skills. For example, if you are helping your child save money using a piggie bank, you can keep a record of how much is going in and show your child how to count the coins. You can also set a goal for the money, such as helping your child save towards a favorite toy or trip to the movies. Demonstrating that saving is something to manage consistently and that, over time, it brings rewards, helps teach your child that knowing how to manage money is important.

If you are looking for a preschool that does not simply teach academic lessons but also helps your child learn valuable life skills, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Woodstock. Our AdvancED Accredited program for preschoolers offers more than traditional child care facilities do, and teaches your child the necessary skills that he or she will need to succeed in the future.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Woodstock, we believe that the key to effective learning lies in understanding each child as an individual. We teach him or her on a personal level and ensure that he or she not only comprehends the work, but is rewarded along the way. Our specialized child care services assist busy parents by providing their children with the best early learning and development available.

For more information on our specialized child care services for your preschooler, contact us here.

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