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Woodstock GA Day Care: Brain development milestones

Posted on 01-20-2015


Monitoring a child’s developmental progress is an extremely important part of infant care. Prudent observation can lead parents to discovering developmental delays early. This will allow a parent to address any underlying issues that could be problematic later on. Seeking professional help while the child is still young can prevent any future issues. Keep in mind that children are unique and develop at different paces, so pediatricians should be contacted with any concerns about passing a milestone without achieving a particular skill. We will take a brief look at a few important developmental milestones.

Three months

Once a child reaches the age of three months he or she should be able to raise the head and chest. A child will also begin to focus on faces more closely, and respond to familiar voices. The foundations of important social skills will begin to develop as a child enjoys playtime, and interacting with others. A child this age will also begin imitating movements and facial expressions.

One year

At this stage of development, an infant should be much more mobile. A child will begin crawling, pulling with his or her arms and pushing with his or her legs. He or she should be able to pull up into a standing position, and walk around by holding on to sturdy furniture. During this period, a child’s first word is generally spoken, and his or her speech is also characterized by much more babbling than normal.

Two years

By now a child should be able to walk without assistance. He or she should also be able to stand on tiptoes, and will soon begin running. A child this age should also begin uttering basic three-to-five word sentences, and listening and responding to simple commands. He or she will begin to enjoy the company of other children through interaction at home, or at school.

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