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Woodstock Georgia Preschool: Early Milestones to Look for in Your Child

Posted on 12-17-2014


Tracking your child’s development via milestones is important as it allows you to gauge whether or not your child is developing on pace. Leading Childcare and preschool professionals, the staff at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Woodstock, take a look at developmental milestones and what you can expect:

Twelve months

Your child is already mobile after his or her first birthday, and may or may not have babbled the first few sounds resembling words such as “mama” or “dada.” By now your child should be able to take the first few clumsy, unaided steps in learning how to walk. This should be followed shortly by utterances of a few discernible words, even though stringing a sentence together is still proving tricky.

Eighteen months – two years

By now your child should be completely mobile and walking around independently. Childproofing your home becomes important at this stage of development. This is largely due to the fact that your toddler will become highly inquisitive about the world around him or her. The child’s mobility should be further noticeable after two years, when he or she will start running and jumping. In terms of language, your child should now be able to construct simple, understandable sentences when communicating with other people.

Three – five years

Your child will be more energetic now. He or she will be climbing, swinging, skipping and running around. Your preschooler will also be able to hold a steady conversation with other children as well as adults. Your child may be able to get dressed without assistance.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Woodstock, Georgia prides itself on providing our learners with the best possible preschool education. Contact us today for more information regarding our programs and facilities.

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